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Now Available: 2024 Country Fest Artist Line-Up

Country Fest 2024 is closer than we think - are you ready?! Soon, famous country artists like Thomas Rhett, Lainey Wilson, and Cody Johnson will be singing their hearts out at our top-rated Ohio campground, Clay's Resort Jellystone Park™! With 14 of the 15 artists announced for this upcoming festival, it's officially time to get excited! 


Thomas Rhett

With his easy charm and friendly voice, Thomas Rhett slipped into the space opened up by Sam Hunt's smooth fusion of modern country and R&B. Rhett debuted at the tail-end of the bro country craze of the 2010s, eventually finding his groove in 2015 with "Crash and Burn" and "Die a Happy Man," a pair of Country Airplay number ones from 2015. Over the next few years, long-term love songs, epitomized by the 2017 number one "Marry Me," kept Rhett at the top of the charts, a position that he owned into the early years of the 2020s. By the time he released Where We Started in early 2022 -- it followed swiftly on the heels of 2021's Country Again: Side A -- Rhett had racked up 17 number one singles on the Billboard Country Airplay charts, cementing his place as one of the biggest country-pop singers of his era.


Lainey Wilson

A singer and songwriter who sounds proudly Southern in both strength and compassion, Lainey Wilson's music maintains a small-town sensibility while boasting the big-city polish of contemporary Nashville production. Wilson's voice is clear and strong, with an unapologetic Southern accent, and her songs are tough but heartfelt contemporary country with an edge that has its roots in vintage Southern rock and classic rock, as well as a dash of modern-day pop. With hits such as "Things a Man Oughta Know." and "Watermelon Moonshine" Lainey is sure to movin' and grovin'.

Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson lived the life of a country singer prior to actually becoming a professional country singer. As a teen, he competed in rodeos as a bull rider, then gravitated toward work as a prison supervisor in early adulthood. Releasing his first album on his own indie imprint, CoJo, in 2006. A decade later, "Gotta Be Me" became a word-of-mouth sensation, reaching number two on Billboard's Country Albums chart and setting him up to make the leap to the major labels with 2019's chart-topping "Ain't Nothin' to It", a record that stayed true to his Texas country roots. Headlining Friday night, Cody will have you ready to boogie the night away.

Chris Janson

Possessing an easy swagger and sly sense of humor, Chris Janson carved out a niche that resided somewhere between the party-hearty bro country of the 2010s and the brawny country-rock of Eric Church. Janson cut his teeth as a professional songwriter, penning Tim McGraw's "Truck Yeah" and Justin Moore's "Off the Beaten Path," prior to cutting "Buy Me a Boat," a funny tune that gave him his breakthrough hit in 2015. Janson moved toward a breezier style on his subsequent hit "Fix a Drink" and 2019's Real Friends, but with 2022's All In, he emphasized the grittier elements of his music. No stranger to The Country Fest, Chris is a can't miss act!

Dylan Scott

A singer and songwriter who rode the wave of country-pop in the mid-2010s, Dylan Scott put his own stamp on the sound with an inherently friendly charm reminiscent of Luke Bryan and by adding a dash of the R&B-inspired rhythms popularized by Sam Hunt. Scott's radio hits showed off his strong, rough-around-the-edges vocal style, a personality that mixed swagger with a romantic undercurrent, and songs that sang the praises of women and trucks while making room for his thoughtful side. All this was evident on his 2016 debut album, Dylan Scott, which turned into a hit in 2017 thanks to a pair of high-charting singles, "My Girl" and "Hooked." 

Riley Green

A native of Alabama, Riley Green grew up equally interested in sports and music. The latter he learned from his grandfather, Bufford Green, who ran a music joint while Riley was growing up. A straight-ahead country singer who sings about trucks, beer, and boots, often to a big beat that recalls the boot-scootin' 1990s, Riley crystallized this attitude on his 2020, If It Wasn't for Trucks, but his distinguishing trait was an unapologetic sentimental streak that he showcased on his 2019 breakthrough hit, "I Wish Grandpas Never Died," from his debut album, Different 'Round Here. 

Justin Moore

One of the first signings to the Big Machine Records subsidiary Valory Music Group, Justin Moore aimed for the sweet spot dividing straight-ahead mainstream country and bro country swagger. He first developed this sound in the early 2010s, racking up a string of Billboard Country Airplay chart-toppers, ranging from "Small Town USA" and "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" early in the 2010s to later hits like "Somebody Else Will," "The Ones That Didn't Make It Back Home," abd "We Didn't Have Much".

A native of Poyen, Arkansas, Justin Moore picked up music as a high school student. Upon his graduation, he played with his uncle's band for a bit before heading to Nashville to take a stab at the country music business. Eventually, he signed to Big Machine's fledgling Valory Music Group imprint in November 2007.


Chase Matthew

Country singer/songwriter Chase Matthew made a rapid ascent in 2021 thanks to the viral success of his debut single, "County Line," from the EP of the same name. The first signee to Ryan Upchurch's Holler Boy Records imprint, Matthew capitalized on his success with the 2022 full-length Born for This. He made his major-label debut a year later with the double album Come Get Your Memory on Warner Bros.

Priscilla Block

Priscilla Block is a country-pop artist who found success in 2020 with a string of relatable singles ("PMS," "Thick Thighs," and "Just About Over You,") that effectively paired melodies with unfiltered lyrics. She followed up on that success in early 2021 with the single "I Bet You Wanna Know," which helped send her 2022 debut, Welcome to the Block Party, into the upper half of the country charts.

A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, Block moved to Nashville after graduating high school to pursue a career in music. After enduring a litany of odd jobs to make ends meet, she had a surprise encounter with Taylor Swift -- her longtime idol -- which gave her the morale boost she needed to go all in on her musical dreams.


Nate Smith

A country singer and songwriter with a rich, warm voice, and a gift for stories about the joys and challenges of everyday life, Nate Smith didn't find success in Nashville until his second try in Music City, after he was given a powerful reminder of what he loved about his hometown. Smith's music is strongly emotional but with a natural, low-key approach that complements the strength of his instrument, and he communicates an honesty that meshes with the home truths of his lyrics. He first made a name for himself when his deeply personal "One of These Days" became a viral success, and independent hits like "Sleeve" and "Under My Skin" led to his signing with Sony Music and scoring another success with the tender tale of long-term love, "I Don't Wanna Go to Heaven." In 2023, he released his full-length debut, Nate Smith, anchored by the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Country Songs single "Whiskey on You."


Rhett Akins

With his Top Five single "That Ain't My Truck," Rhett Akins became a sensation, however briefly, in the summer of 1995. Like many new country singers, he wasn't able to follow the record up with an equally successful second record, but he managed to cultivate a following of dedicated fans.

Aikins grew up in Valdosta, GA, learning to play guitar and forming his first band with his two younger brothers by the time he was 11. In 1992, he moved to Nashville, where he began singing on demos, as well as securing a publishing deal of his own. Eventually, Decca Records secured a demo of one of Akins' songs and the label offered him a contract.


Dillon Carmichael

A proud adherent of country music traditions, singer and songwriter Dillon Carmichael is blessed with a rich, deep voice and a talent for finding new wrinkles in the tropes of classic country music. Carmichael's style strikes a sweet spot between the Bakersfield sound of the '60s and the outlaw style of the '70s (think Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings), with a dash of Southern rock folded in. The product of a Kentucky family with deep roots in Southern music, Carmichael was performing professionally before he finished high school, and moved to Nashville as a songwriter after he graduated. After releasing his first single in 2017, Carmichael won the attention of fans and critics with his debut album, Hell on an Angel, in October 2018, while the 2020 single, "I Do for You," and his 2021 sophomore effort, Son of A, confirmed his status as a rising country star.

With this all-start studded line-up The Country Fest 2024 is one that you won't soon forget! Are you ready to book your tickets?! The time is now! Tickets and accommodations are selling out, so it's best to book sooner than later. If you would like to learn more about our Camp-Resort, you can visit our website here. If you'd like to see the full line-up of performers, check it out here. June can't come soon enough!