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Volleyball Leagues
Beach Volleyball Leagues
Make new friends and have fun when competing in our Beach Volleyball Leagues! Our sand volleyball court is situated by the swimming lake, giving you the ultimate view. Clay’s Resort Jellystone Park™ offers summer and fall leagues - sign up for one or both!

BONUS! Your registration includes Adventure Park access for Memorial Day Weekend through August 31! Enjoy access to our brand new water playground, swimming lake, mini golf, and so much more! 

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Summer League
Our 2023 Summer League Beach Volleyball League is officially SOLD OUT! Please check back during spring 2024 for next years information.
$40 per person (6 player co-ed teams). 
Thursdays May 25 - August 17
     •Games at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm.  
     •Playoffs begin August 24 and may take up to two weeks.  

No game play on Thursday June 15th due to The Country Fest.
Mid-Level: SOLD OUT
Upper-Level: SOLD OUT
Rec-Level: SOLD OUT
Rules and Policies
• There shall be three (3) games played by each team as scheduled. The first team to score twenty-one (21) points shall be awarded the winner of that game.  The winning team must have an advantage of at least two (2) points.  Each game has a ceiling score of twenty-seven (27), meaning a team can win 27 to 26.

• A team shall consist of six (6) players on the court.  Max three men are permitted on the court. If five (5) players are present at least two (2) must be woman.  A team may play with four (4) but at least two (2) must be women.  

• Teams are to change courts after each game.  At the start of a new games, players may be arranged in any position desired. 

• Flip a coin for choice of serve/receive for the first game.  After first game, losing teams shall have choice of serve/receive.

• Ball touching the net on a serve is a playable ball.

• Ball touching any boundary line is considered “in”. 

• A ball going out of bounds must hit the ground or object in out-of-bounds territory before being touched by a player, otherwise, the ball is in play.

• Service must be from behind the end line.  Both feet must be behind the line until the ball is struck. 

• A received ball must be handled cleanly.  It may not be lifted, thrown, caught, roll, or come to rest on any part of the body, as determined by referee.  A served ball must be properly received as per U.S. rules.  “Sand Digs” are permitted.

• Ball must be returned over the net in a maximum of three (3) hits.

• A ball may be recovered from the net if the player avoids touching the net.

• NO spiking with both hands in the front row; and NO “POWER DINKS”.

• Blocking or attacking the serve is NOT PERMITTED.

• Cancellations/delays related to weather will be communicated via email to team captains as early as possible.